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            Enterprise capabilities Innovative research & development
            Innovative research & development
            As an innovative high-tech enterprise, SONGYUAN owns a vigorous, young, professional and high quality research and development team. It provides the flourishing company growth with continuous vigor and motives.

            With leadership of professional overseas returner doctors, SONGYUAN R & D team devotes itself to safety fields for more than 20 years. Apart from constantly-cooperated German technical groups, it also gathers together technical elite in domestic safety field with rich industrial experiences.
            Among them, we have 6 engineers with over 10 years’ experiences in safety belt industry, 18 other engineering technicians. In order to provide the customers with qualified and satisfactory products, our research and development teams firstly implement in-depth knowledge to the clients’ related technical requirements. Then we link with customer technical data. Finally we jointly research into and develop the products together with our clients.

            During the research and development process, our research and development teams abide by the rigorous and scientific procedures to ensure the perfect product development and manufacture. Every team member strives for reliable, advanced, advantageous products by the outstanding intelligence, the spirit of perseveringly pursuing splendid products.
            mCORE®two-side pre-tensioner force-limiting

            P13 Structure Chart

            Actual Measurement

            Performance Test

            CAE Design & Development Ability
            Simulation Analysis on Passive Safety Systems, mainly for providing and improving engineering service of pre-crash safety system for customers